Hi there! It's nice to meet you :)

Thank you for visiting my website, the place where I'm happy to share a big part of my life and myself - my work. 

I'm excited to work on interesting and challenging projects and I'm always trying to move forward, create, develop my skills and become a better version of myself :) I'm curious about things I don't know yet and I'm always ready to learn and discover something new. This is the reason why I like to travel, meet people from other countries and learn foreign languages.

I'm amazed by colours, shapes, shadows, light, geometry. The world around us is already like a piece of art, you just have to observe, feel and capture the moment. In my work process I'm trying to use different media, work digitally, experiment and explore new techniques. I like photography. Reading and sport are also part of my daily life. Currently, I live in Dubai. A place where sun never stops to shine and you are always ready to move forward and achieve new goals in your career and your life.

I keep a diploma of BA (Hons) Graphic Design of TEESSIDE UNIVERSITY. It's been a long journey as I started my education in the College of Multicultural Education, where we focused on learning English and French. I kept searching for myself and the profession I will be passionate about. I started my studies in the College of Arts, where I spent 3 amazing years, drawing, painting and meeting people from different artistic faculties. However, I realized that I wanted to become a designer & illustrator rather than artist that's why I entered the Graphic Design faculty and that is how it all started! 

I feel that bringing together knowledge and experience can produce a great result. So...