Finalist :)

A few months ago I took part in a Mexican poster competition, the topic was " A la muerte con una sonrisa" (To death with a smile). All artists had freedom of self expression, materials and mood. I decided to connect it with my Slavic roots and made a research about pagan gods. In Slavic culture there was a goddess of death/winter, whose name was Mara/Morana. 

Morana – The daughter of the great goddess Lada and her husband God Svarog, has grown up to become what ancient Slavs recognized as the patroness of the winter, the underworld and symbol of the end of physical life as we mortals know it. Morana has many names: Mara, Mor, Morena, Marzanna and she is the all-powerful mistress of Winter, which covers the ground in icy shroud, so that she could rest and gain strength. She belongs to the pantheon of ancient Slavic gods, as is considered to be the sister of Lelia.

Her main attributes are sickle, moon and winter. She is known as a beautiful girl with dark hair.

In my poster I wanted to create this cold atmosphere by eliminating any colour except for white, black and shades of gray. Only her eyes are cold blue. She takes the souls of strangers and carries them with her in the lonely cold winter... I used digital drawing, made a collage of photos of hands, created texture and then put it all together in Photoshop.