It was the first time I decided to participate in INKTOBER and I could manage to make 23 drawings. It was challenging and interesting. It helped to get back to hand drawing and stay productive after work :) Which usually is not so easy... BUT I felt very inspired and I'm feeling quite happy about my first Inktober!

Here I would like to share some of my favs, the rest could be found on my Instagram page. Now I will have to decide if I can colour them in Illustrator and make something out of this experiment ;) 

Скриншот 2017-11-05 14.30.59.jpg
Скриншот 2017-11-05 14.30.15 копия.jpg
Скриншот 2017-11-05 14.31.59.jpg
Скриншот 2017-11-05 14.29.59.jpg
Скриншот 2017-11-05 14.31.48.jpg
Скриншот 2017-11-05 14.31.17.jpg